Associate Hospital

  1. Central hospital , Ganesh nagar, New delhi
  2. Dawarka Hospital,Dawarka Sub city, New delhi
  3. Dr. Kaushik Ortho and Maternity Centre, Janakpuri, New delhi
  4. Dr. Mittal Surgical and Maternity Hospital, Jankpuri, New delhi
  5. Ashray Medical Centre, Kirti Nagar, New delhi Sub city, New delhi

Associate Professor of IMCI

  1. Dr. S.K. Kaushik M.B.B.S., M.S.
  2. Dr. Anupam Mittal M.B.B.S, M.S., General Surgeon(Gold Medalist)
  3. Dr. Supriaya Gulati , M.D.(Pedio)
  4. Dr. Preeti Mittal M.B.B.S., M.D.
  5. Dr. Anupama M.B.B.S., M.S. Gynecologist
  6. Dr. A.K. Gupta M.S.
  7. Dr. Lalit Narang M.S.,E.N.T.M.S.
  8. Dr. N. Kalra M.D (Cardiologist)
  9. Dr. Amit Dheer M.D.(Radiologist)
  10. Dr. N.D. Sharma B.U.M.S.
  11. Dr. A.K.Mishra B.M.S
  12. Dr. Manoj Nagpal M.B.B.S., M.D.
  13. Dr. P.S. Yadav D.H.M.S.
  14. Dr.Rinakhi Das B.A.M.S.
  15. Dr.K.D.Nayar M.D.

Admission Criteria

  1. The admission will be made strictly on result of competition test and interview.
  2. 40% seats in each groups is reserved for female candidates.
  3. In case of non availability of the suitable candidate in any category the seat will be filled up by general candidates.

Vacation and holiday

  1. The academic session will be start from the 10th July.
  2. Holiday will be observed as per Government holidays.
  3. The summer vacation from May 20th to July 10th and winter vacation from December 20th to Jan 5th of every year.


The institute has a well equipped important medical books, journals and periodicals. Special riles have been framed for the issue of the books etc. from the library.


The hostel facilities are available on reasonable cost for outsiders. The management committee will be decide the allotment of hostel All the candidates are supposed to follow the regulation of the hostel laid down by the warden/management committee. The resident student will make there own arrangement of boarding. No guest is allowed without the prior permission from warden/director

Job Opportunity

  1. Self- Employment: Successful candidates can start their private practice under the supervision of a qualified medical professional & subject to state law as enforce.
  2. Private Jobs: Every year there is a demand of more then five lakhs medical technicians in hospitals, nursing home & pharmaceuticals companies.
  3. Government Jobs: As per replies to USQ No. 8956 on 10th May 1989 & USQ No. 3718 on 7th Dec. 1988 in Lok sabha & 1739 on 25th Nov. 1988 in rajya sabha, Diploma awarded by any regd educational socity is valid for the purpose of employment in all Govt. & Private Hospital, Nursing Home, Pharmaceutical Companies.