Diploma in Operation Theater Technician


An operating theater (or theatre) was a tiered theatre or amphitheatre in which students and other spectators could watch surgeons perform surgery. Today the term is sometimes used synonymously with operating room (OR) or operating suite, the room within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out today.

Admission Criteria :

  1. The admission will be made strictly on result of competition test and interview.
  2. The candidate will be called for an interview, depending on their performance in written test. They must qualify the interview. Also for final selection for first year DOT course.
  3. 40% seat in each group is reserved for the female candidates.
  4. In case of non availability of the suitable candidates in any category the seat will be filled up by general candidates.

Cource Duration


Two Years

Essential Qualification



Numbers Of Seats





Biology Group

Numbers Of Papers


4 P S