Bachelor of Alternative Medicine and System (B.A.M.S.)


Alternative medicines are presents in the world in one or other forms. The men developed some system for their health and well being which was names traditional system and alternative system. Under such circumstances, when none of the medical system is complete, none of the medical system is useless; every medical science has its limitation. Every medical system has its merit and demerits the only alternative remaining is to integrated the best of all the system together and national application as an alternative medicine.

Indian Foundation for Development of Alternative Medicine (I.F.D.A.M.) has already started a course of complete integration at graduate level known as Bachelor of Alternative Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) is being dedicated to the nation for the students and treatment of modern medicine (Allopathy)

Alternative traditional medicine is operating on the principles of holism i.e. they are based on the principles of the natural elements /ingredients. Natural and tradition medicine respond directly to man's need for psycho-social health and physical well being, traditional medicine represents of several forms-material and spiritual. This belief is in total compatibility with the definition of health as by the WHO and is but one of the many factors which motivated the WHO to in corporate d traditional medicines in programmers.

Modern medicine has not sure cure to offer in certain diseases such as peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, urolithiasis, viral hepatitis and diabetes mellitus-conditions which have (reportedly) been successful traded with reasons for the upsurge are the low cost orientation of those remedies. The efficiency and growing popularity of alternative medicines have been endorsed by number of international organization such as British Medical Association. UN, WHO and UNICEF amongst others. The federal Government of the USA has established on office of Alternative Medicines many forms of alternative medicine are now being included in the National Health service of UK, Germany has enacted a natural Therapies Act. Another evidence of the trend in favors of these medicines in the west is the result of are recent major survey from US which estimated that one in these American adults had used some from of non conventional therapy in 1990. This figure was much higher than previously reported. Different explanation has been offered to account for this growth, from dissatisfaction with conventional forms or treatment to more general theories of diversification of health care.

Admission Criteria :

  1. The admission will be made strictly on result of competition test and interview.
  2. The candidate will be called for an interview, depending on their performance in written test. They must qualify the interview. Also for final selection for first year BAMS course.
  3. 40% seat in each group is reserved for the female candidates.
  4. In case of non availability of the suitable candidates in any category the seat will be filled up by general candidates

Cource Duration


Four Years

Essential Qualification



Numbers Of Seats





Biology Group

Numbers Of Papers


4 P S

Fee & its payments

The candidates seeking admission in the faculty of alternative medicine in the institute has to pay the fee in installments the annual fee is divided into four installments. The first installment will be taken at the time of admission and includes admission fee, tuition fee, library fee, laboratory fee, first aid, building fee, enrollment fee, welfare fund etc. the subsequent installment will be lesser in amount as some of the fee will be charged only at the time of admission, remaining fee will be charged in three equal installment. Besides these fee, examination fee, annual fee, lecture sheets, guest lecture fee, will be charged from time. The detail of fee of BAMS is given below:

First installment Rs. 5500.00 at the time of admission, it includes Rs.1000.00 as caution money.

Subsequent installment Rs. 6000/- each on 15th October, January, April, July every year.