About Us

The Indian medical care institute New Delhi. By S.R. act XXI of 1860 Government of Delhi, affiliated to Indian foundation for Development of Alternative medicine and paramedical sciences, Started in such a time when all young boys and girls are not in a position and surety of seeking job according to their quality and qualification. The generation is moving on road with out any proper direction. There is no scarcity of talents in this age but definitely they are not guided properly due to some or other reasons. They choose the right provides they are guided properly.

In the field at growing medicine there is lack of skill hands to help the quality person working in private field and sectors. Governments is giving proper training to only few members who are serving to the Government and the medical men working private are unable to get such qualified hands, resulting multifold problems to them. The doctors are forced to use unqualified hands, resulting multifold problems to them. The doctors are forced to use the unqualified and thus suffer un many ways time to time.

Under such circumstances, it has been started with definite aims and objective for younger groups. Here teaching and training programs of various job orientations will be given by qualified persons. The candidate will undergo both the oral and practical training. Thus many technical persons will came out through this in search of such technical hands.

Thus not only the problems of unemployment will be solved but the problems existing in the private medical sectors will also be solved up to certain. This will prove boon to undirected misguided young boys and girls.